The Ultimate Chandelier Makeover Tutorial (5 DIY Light Fixture Updates)

If you are a homeowner, you have probably researched some of the best house lighting ideas you can incorporate into your house. With multiple existing house lighting systems, chandeliers are among the best and most sophisticated house lighting systems preferred by most homeowners.

However, hiring lighting system professionals to install chandeliers in your home can be pretty expensive. There are multiple DIY chandelier light fixtures and makeover tutorials and guidelines you can follow to install a light chandelier system within your space to avoid unnecessary expenses and costs that come along with chandelier installation.

Commercial Light Fixture

There is a need to illuminate your surroundings in today’s world, particularly in offices, homes, hospitals, malls, and other public dwellings. Commercial lighting has played a significant role in ensuring that businesses and other public sectors such as government buildings, restaurants and hotels operate efficiently with guaranteed safety.

Also, manufacturing and industrial sectors have massively benefitted from commercial light fixtures. The goal of commercial lighting systems is to optimize the overall environment, performance, and ROI.

Proper lighting for public purposes enhances optimum productivity and satisfaction for the workforce environment. However, poor lighting in commercial sectors can lead to detrimental effects, since the workforce productivity will be significantly reduced.

Therefore, it is critical to understand specific designs and aspects of commercial needs. The plans, spacings, layouts and lumens are some of the main factors to consider while installing commercial light fixtures. LED commercial light fixtures are the most preferred commercial lighting systems to traditional commercial lighting systems.

LED commercial lighting systems are more effective, especially in areas where lights are used for extended periods. Also, they are long-lasting and exist in various colors compared to traditional forms of commercial lighting.

Light Fixture

There are multiple light fixtures, such as chandeliers, that can be installed in a private space or a home. Chandeliers are pretty unique with numerous sophisticated designs. They are usually suspended from a ceiling while directing their light downwards. Also, chandeliers provide ambient lighting throughout a given space or room.

Fortunately, you can turn or transform an old worn chandelier into a new-looking decorative feature in your home. Chandeliers are designed for different home purposes and areas, including bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms.

If you are not fully satisfied with the lighting shades of your chandelier, you can transform it into different shades of color. Below is a DIY light fixture for your chandelier.

First, you need to collect and gather all the required supplies for your project, including sharp scissors, LED light bulbs, glass light shades and a small paintbrush. After gathering all your items, you can begin the following steps highlighted below.

  • Remove the bulb and old light fixture shade: This can be done by unscrewing the rings holding the chandelier glasses after switching off the light bulb.

  • Spray paint the chandelier’s hardware, including the rings, spacers and thread covers, by laying them down on a flat piece of cardboard.


  • Paint the threaded sockets of the light fixture with the same color as your chandelier using a small soft brush.

  • Fix the new glass shades to your chandelier, the spacer and the ring before screwing in the LED light bulbs. This will give you a complete makeover for your chandelier.


  • Turn on the lights and witness a fabulous and sophisticated look for your chandelier and the entire light fixture.


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