Design Your Own Custom Lighting

You are looking for bespoke lighting — an option that meets your preferences and highlights elegance. If you are in this category, a custom lighting design is what you need. You have a wide selection, from geometric and symmetric lighting options to minimalistic lighting trends. Designing your custom lighting will stand out. The following tips will help in this pursuit.

Sketching Is Invaluable

Sketching is essential when creating your custom lighting. It ensures that you get an artistic impression of what you need. Such will be the time to choose your ceiling rose, determining how appealing your custom lighting becomes in the long run. This rose should be of a contrasting color to your ceiling. It is the only way to add elegance to your custom lighting.

You’ll also need to select an excellent fabric lighting cable. It is a visible part that should match your interior décor. For instance, choose a fixture with color if your home has a monochrome theme.

Get the Right Light Bulbs

The light bulbs you choose will often determine how elegant and ambient your custom commercial lights will be. Therefore, your bulb must be visually appealing and energy-efficient. Multiple options are available, including loop, squirrel cage filaments, and loop bulb options. You’ll also decide between retro and contemporary designs.

LEDs are an excellent choice, thanks to their brightness and energy efficiency. You could also consider halogen bulbs, particularly for commercial lighting.

Do You Need a Light Cage?

After selecting your light bulb, you’ll need an ideal light cage to complement it. An excellent light cage will comfortably shield and protect your glass light bulbs, making them tamper-proof. It also gives your custom lighting design an industrial aesthetic appeal.

Choosing a light cage requires focusing on color, shape, and design. Unique shapes include drop, wire, domed, and balloon. You will also need to look at a color that blends your interior décor. For instance, a darker theme requires a relatively bright light cage.

Choose the Best Finish

The quality of your custom lighting design will significantly depend on the finish you choose. Suppose you are looking for elegance. In that case, it would help to choose brass. This choice will keep your house warm. Besides, brass works better with contemporary themes and lighting designs, giving your room the glow it deserves.

Get an Electrician

While you can design this custom lighting, engaging an electrician will be an invaluable step. This professional will help assemble and hang your lighting. They will also carry out the wiring process, and safely so. An electrician has the skills to ensure the process is safe and efficient, guaranteeing an amazing outfit in the long run.

You need the best professional to install your custom lighting. Box Electric Company is your best bet! We have skilled technicians that will help you choose the right lighting and design. Our vastly experienced team is licensed to handle various electrical issues, assuring you of enhanced safety during the project. Feel free to call us via (919) 871-0220.