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Laboratory Safety: Working with Electrical Equipment

There’s already a long list of risks associated with working in a laboratory. Depending on the type of work taking place within the lab, you risk exposure to toxic chemicals and waste, along with other potentially harmful substances. Of course, improperly maintained or handled electrical equipment may also cause hazards that lead to injury or […]

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How Safety Is a Good Investment

While safety certainly isn’t the most exciting aspect of your business for you to invest in, it’s one that will provide high-quality returns every single time, not to mention some much-needed peace of mind. So long as you are smart about the investments you make, putting money into safety for your business will result in […]

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What We’re Doing to Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has upturned all of our lives over the last several months. Every business is handling the pandemic in different ways, and like others, we are taking every step we can to ensure we’re providing an extremely safe experience for our employees and clients. This is very important to us as an electrical […]

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