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What To Consider for Large Commercial Electric Projects?

As the head of a leading organization that relies on large scale cabling projects, there are some fundamental aspects that you must always ensure have been professionally observed. This means that you cannot install your lighting without understanding these elements, as there are higher chances that your lighting project will go wrong. Here are things […]

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An Overview of Data Center Cabling Standards

The high performance and high capacity of fiber-optic cables have made them the leader in data center cabling these days. Though you may understand the importance of data center cabling, you probably don’t understand that there are data center cable standards that cabling companies and their clients should be aware of. Several American organizations monitor […]

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How to Choose the Best Cabling for Data Centers

What’s the difference between a high-performing data center and one that struggles with frequent server downtime? The answer is typically the quality of the data center cabling. If you’re interested in making your data center in Raleigh, NC more efficient, it’s smart to invest in good cabling. There are many considerations to take into account, […]

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