Industrial Lighting Design in Raleigh, NC

Light can have a powerful impact on your clientele, setting a mood that affects their entire experience. If your lighting design doesn’t set the mood you need, the professionals at Box Electric Company can pool our creative design expertise to come up with a solution that works for you. We’re veterans of commercial lighting design in Raleigh, NC, serving the needs of diverse facilities—from offices, to retail spaces, to manufacturing, healthcare and beyond.

Lighting design may also take a more practical nature, with LEDs replacing incandescent and fluorescent lighting and a rapid pace. If you’re ready to upgrade to a greener type of lighting, we can make it happen. Our broad capabilities extend to both form and function, bringing you lighting solutions that are both efficient and effective.

Lighting Upgrades and Retrofits

There are many elements to commercial and industrial lighting design. Among the most important are the layout of overhead lights, illumination type and the controls in place to moderate them. We consider them all when it comes to designing the ideal lighting for your facilities.

  • Accessibility of components
  • Characteristics of the light source and control gear
  • Finish and appearance.
  • Light distribution
  • Luminaire efficiency

We compile these factors and more into lighting diagrams that ensure proper and thorough illumination of your facilities, in whatever capacity you need.

Lighting for
Any Facility

Our experience with commercial lighting design spans across Raleigh, NC and encompasses facilities of all types. From office buildings and retail spaces, to manufacturing facilities and healthcare environments, we make sure your overhead lights are exactly as you need them to be.

Industrial Lighting Design

Set the Mood With Custom Lighting

Does the lighting in your facilities make people feel welcome? Does it complement the atmosphere and set the mood? Is it efficient and easy to control? Contact the Box Electric Company team today to take your lighting to another level! From LED retrofits to lighting diagrams, we’re the authority on lighting design. Contact us today at 919-871-0220 for more information or to schedule an appointment for any number of industrial and commercial electrical services, including electrical panel upgrades and data center wiring.