Proper Electrical Safety for the Workplace

Areas of high electricity in the workplace can be extremely dangerous. That’s why it’s important to have proper knowledge about electrical equipment. Even if you aren’t working directly with electrical equipment, it’s best to follow certain workplace electrical safety precautions when working around it. Electrical equipment can cause burns, shocks and even more serious injuries when not properly maintained. Read on to learn great ways of protecting yourself and others when working around electrical equipment:

  • Cover possible electric hazards with physical barriers: You should never have exposed wires in the workplace. Make sure all electrical panels are covered with cabinet doors or similar barriers. This will prevent someone from walking by and accidentally touching one of these wires. It’s also important to ensure these barriers stay closed unless someone is working on the panel. Another great way to avoid an employee touching an exposed electrical panel is by installing signs nearby. A sign will be a visual reminder for everyone to stay out of the area.
  • Don’t work on electrical wires unless you’re qualified: Only qualified personnel should work on electrical wiring. This is especially true when there’s a live wire in the workplace. Avoid the area around the live wire until qualified personnel have had a chance to take care of the situation.
  • Avoid using conductive tools around electrical parts: Certain tools can conduct electricity, so you should avoid using them near electrical equipment. An electrician’s hand tools always feature proper insulation. They also wear gloves to help prevent electrical shocks.
  • Watch out for electrical lines: Electrical lines are usually only present above floor level. If you’re working a bit off the ground, be sure to watch out for hanging electrical lines. It’s also important to take proper safety precautions while on a ladder or working on elevated platforms.
  • Avoid using electrical equipment around flammable materials: Flammable materials used in the workplace often come in the form of liquid, gas or powder. Certain workplaces often have many different uses for these materials, so you may spot them in several different locations. Be sure to avoid using any electrical equipment around these materials, as the electricity could easily spark a flame. It’s extremely important to stay aware of your workplace’s fire safety precautions as well.
  • Listen to your company: Your company should have a certain set of rules and safety precautions in place for when it comes to dealing with electricity. These rules have been established for a reason, so don’t skip over any of them, even if doing so seems to make your job a little easier.

Engaging in proper electrical safety can help prevent serious injury to you, your employees and your coworkers. One of the most important parts of workplace electrical safety is taking care of any hazards as soon as possible. If you’ve noticed a possible electrical safety hazard in your workplace, contact a professional electrician right away.

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