Why Do I Need to Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel serves as the center of your home’s or business’s electrical supply. You switch on lights, activate equipment and use technology while rarely considering the electrical panel’s role. But the reality is that keeping this well maintained and up to date is essential. If you’re considering electrical panel upgrades in Raleigh, NC, read on to learn more about the process and the factors you’ll need to take into account.

Electrical panel basics

Experts recommend making regular checks of the electrical panel regardless of whether you need any repairs. It’s particularly important to check for any indicators of rust or scorching. These are both signs of underlying damage to the electrical system and should be addressed immediately.

Generally, electrical panels need to be replaced once every 25 to 40 years. Beyond that, there are some things to look for that could indicate that your electrical panel needs to be replaced earlier. For example, faulty wiring can be an issue. Any of the following could be signs that your home or business has bad wiring:

  • Flickering lights
  • Burning smell
  • Receiving electrical shocks when you switch on the lights
  • Warmth around the electrical panel
  • Scorch marks on power outlets

Unfortunately, faulty wiring is one of the top causes of fires across the country. Older wiring is more likely to be faulty. That’s why it’s important to have a professional electrician inspect your home or business regularly. While maintaining the electrical panel is a smart idea and should be incorporated into your routine, there are instances in which upgrading may be advantageous.

Upgrading the electrical panel

One reason people choose to upgrade their electrical panel is to accommodate new, power-hungry appliances. Older electrical panels especially may be unable to deal with appliances like air conditioners and hot tubs. If you do not upgrade your electrical panel, the power supply may not be enough, which will result in the circuit breakers repeatedly tripping.

In general, modern habits may not be compatible with older electrical systems. For example, many people now use power strips to accommodate the use of computers, televisions, video game systems and cellphone chargers. These are used simultaneously via power strips. If you find yourself using power strips frequently, then it may be time to invest in upgrading the electric panel.

One important note of caution: If you’re considering upgrading an electric panel, bring in a licensed and insured electrician to do so. Working with wiring can be extremely dangerous and is best left to those trained professionals.

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