The Importance of Having a Backup Power Generator

Your commercial facility needs constant power if you are to maintain a productive and efficient work environment. If you run into a situation in which you lose power due to a natural disaster, storm or any other unforeseen issue, this could negatively impact your business operations.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure your business is prepared for such a situation so you do not suffer any downtime as a result of a disaster or power loss. This includes the use of a backup generator.

Let’s take a look at a few of the biggest reasons why investing in a standby commercial electric generator can be a good decision for your business.

Prevent downtime

If you are not prepared for a power outage, all of your operations could grind to a halt, resulting in a major loss of productivity (and profitability). If you’re not able to conduct crucial business operations, you’re missing out on all of the revenue you would normally be pulling in within that timeframe.

A backup generator features an automatic transfer switch, which kicks the backup generator on as soon as you lose power to your commercial property. This means you will not lose any momentum during the power outage, and you’ll be able to maintain your full operations until the power grid is repaired.

Keep your important systems functional

Backup generators ensure all of your most critical systems remain functional during the power outage. This includes HVAC systems, security systems, commercial coolers and freezers and other critical pieces of infrastructure that require power to operate properly. These types of systems going down could result in major financial losses and potential safety hazards, so investing in a backup generator will help prevent you from experiencing further losses as a result of an outage.

Keep communication up and running

With a backup generator in place, you’ll be able to continue providing support to your customers during a power outage. Chances are, many of your customers will not be affected by the outage, and thus will continue to do business as usual. With a backup generator running, you will be able to continue to communicate with customers via live chat, VOIP and other communication tools that depend on a connection to a power grid.

Protect your customers’ data and personal information

There are some circumstances in which an unforeseen power outage could result in security breaches.

When the power goes out, your computers and servers could become vulnerable to attacks or unauthorized access. A standby generator will keep all of your equipment powered up, which means all of your firewalls and other security functionality will continue running. Your customers will appreciate knowing you have a backup generator so their data is always protected even in the event of an outage or disaster.

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