Must-Know Lighting Design Tips for Commercial Buildings

The best lighting design for business buildings can have a big impact on productivity, sales, and more. By reading up on lighting tips for commercial buildings, facilities managers and business owners can learn how to utilize light to their advantage. You might think that all lightbulbs and lights are the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The right choices now could quite literally light the way to increased success.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options regarding lighting design for commercial businesses. If you have any questions or thoughts, it’s wise to contact commercial lighting experts to discuss things further.

Not All Light Is Created Equal

Some lighting solutions are simply better than others. Light itself can range from warm to cold, and this can impact moods and perceptions. In a break room or relaxation space, facilities managers might opt for warm light, which encourages relaxation. In a conference room, a mid-light may work better. While mid-light is inviting, it also promotes alertness.

There are many types of bulbs as well. These days, Light Emitting Diodes and fluorescent lights are generally considered better than incandescent bulbs. Among other things, LED and fluorescent lights tend to last longer and produce lower utility bills. Between the two, LED lights are currently the gold standard, offering longer lifespans and a better energy profile than even fluorescent bulbs. Thus, if you’re looking for the best lighting design for business, LED designs should top the list in most cases.

Put the Spotlight on Your Most Vital Areas

It’s smart to provide a bit of extra light for crucial areas within retail or other commercial spaces, such as offices. Many of the best retail stores will provide a bit of extra light to make their highest-value products shine. Step into a well-designed store, and you may notice that some goods are pretty much under the spotlight. This simple strategy will draw the eye to products with high profit margins, or that are likely to drive further sales, among other things.

In an office space, the right lighting fixtures can draw attention and leave great impressions. If clients and prospective customers frequently stop by the office, you might use lighting fixtures in the lobby to make a good first impression, for example.

Further, with custom lighting, you can set the mood not just in the lobby, but within the office itself.

Consider Maintenance and Upgrades

Many businesses grow, and as they do, they may need to expand lighting. Using light fixtures and lighting designs with common bulbs can make it easier to maintain them now, and when it comes time to expand, you can add more fixtures using the same bulbs, keeping maintenance easy.

When it comes to lights in hard-to-reach areas, say the ceiling of a lobby with high ceilings, the longer the bulbs last, the less often they’ll need to be replaced. Since ladders and lifts may be needed, it’s best to reduce the need to change the bulbs.

Follow the above lighting design tips for commercial buildings, and you’re off to a great start. Want to level up? Consider partnering with commercial lighting design experts.