A Day in the Life of a Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician is a great profession that provides stability and good income. It is also a very important job. Are you interested in a commercial electrician career? Before you choose this profession, you should understand what a typical day of an electrician is like. Keep on reading this article to get more information about this profession. 

A Day in the Life of a Commercial Electrician

Let’s have a look at what you can expect if you decide to choose a career path as a commercial electrician:

What Do Commercial Electricians Do?

Commercial electricians install, inspect, maintain, and repair the electrical systems in properties used for commercial purposes. They also make plans for new installations, make and read technical drawings, train people who work in a similar environment, and lead teams to work on a particular job. The commercial buildings hiring electricians usually include shopping malls, restaurants, offices, clinics, and high-rise buildings. 

What It Is Like Working as a Commercial Electrician

Electricians usually start working early, around 7 AM. The first thing they do before starting their day is meet the foreman to receive all the tasks that must be completed. The tasks that they need to complete can be different. They may need to run wires, test and inspect electrical equipment, repair electrical systems, and more. They may have to consult with blueprints while completing these tasks. Once the tasks are completed, an electrician will most likely need approval for their work from the foreman. 

Is a Commercial Electrician Job Dangerous?

Qualified commercial electricians are trained to understand and avoid the risks. There are certain steps that an electrician needs to take before performing their tasks. For example, they need to shut off the electricity, wear protective equipment, and know what to do if something goes wrong. It is possible to say that if an electrician is careful enough, takes all the necessary steps, and avoids the risks, a commercial electrician’s job is very safe and not dangerous at all. 

Is Becoming a Commercial Electrician Right For You? 

Are you thinking about taking this career path, but you have some doubts? Here is a list of benefits of this profession you should know about: 

  • You do not need a degree. In order to become an electrician, you can go to a community college or enroll in an apprenticeship program. 
  • You can work and earn money while you train. One of the best things about an electrician apprenticeship is that you make money while learning. 
  • You will have a great salary. An entry-level electrician makes an average of almost $50,000 a year, while the annual salary of an experienced electrician can be up to $100,000. 

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