Is It Time To Upgrade Your Commercial Wiring?

As a responsible business owner, you probably care about your business and try to keep your commercial facility running in good condition. One of the things that you should test regularly is the electrical wiring. Even though the wiring is designed to last for a long time, it cannot last forever, meaning that you will need to replace or upgrade it at some point. Keep reading to find out when to upgrade commercial wiring:

Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Commercial Wiring

Here are the signs that you should look at:

  • Scorch marks and discoloration. If you see marks and discoloration around switch panels and outlets, it is time to upgrade your wiring system. These marks result from electrical arcing. Sometimes, the arcing does not cause discoloration, but the outlets are always hot to the touch. 
  • Frayed and damaged wires. Another sign that you probably need to upgrade your electrical wiring is frayed or damaged wires. You should also understand that any exposed part of your wiring creates a serious safety hazard, and therefore it cannot be ignored. You should call in the electrician immediately if you see pinched, nicked, or damaged wires around your commercial facility. 
  • Dimming lights. Are you struggling with dimming lights and wondering "Is it time to upgrade your commercial wiring?" The answer is yes, if you have dimming lights, then replacement of the wiring system is needed. Dimming lighting is a sign that the electrical wiring cannot support the necessary voltage to run everything at the same time. 

What Are the Benefits of Upgrading Commercial Wiring?

If you wonder what the importance of upgrading in commercial wiring (Importance of wiring in commercial upgrades), the benefits of it are the following: 

  • Safer environment
  • Increased convenience
  • Decreased risk of fires
  • Decreased power surges 

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