Common Electrical Problems That Require Troubleshooting from a Commercial Electrician

If you’re the owner or property manager of a commercial building, it’s important to be proactive any time you notice potential electrical problems occurring on the premises. When left unchecked, even small electrical problems can develop into major issues, leading to risk of fire, electrocution or outages.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most common electrical problems in commercial properties that require the assistance of a commercial or industrial electrician.

Problems with grounding

It’s not uncommon for commercial buildings to experience problems with ground loops. This is a problem that occurs when the electrical systems are connected via multiple paths to the ground wire. It might happen by accident when electrical equipment is interconnected, causing multiple paths to the same ground wire.

Proper grounding helps reduce the potential for damage to electrical appliances, as well as the risk of fire and electrocution, as all extra energy will be sent through the ground. Professional electricians are capable of analyzing your connections to determine if there is a ground loop and the steps that can be taken to resolve the issue.

Overcrowded wiring

One of the most common electrical problems in commercial buildings is overcrowded wiring. Most of the wires in the building run behind drywall, but they will appear through openings for connections to outlets, fixtures and more. If there are too many wires being drawn through a single opening in the wall, the friction from them rubbing up against each other could damage the wires. This could lead to the protective coating wearing down and exposing the copper wiring beneath, which results in a much greater risk of fire or electrocution.

Professional electricians will be able to better manage your wiring to prevent overcrowding from becoming an issue. In some cases, this might involve redoing the wiring to prevent overcrowded access points.

Faulty wiring

The most common signs of faulty wiring are burning smells, flickering or dimming lights or frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers.

Outdated wiring can be problematic, because older electrical systems are not capable of handling the modern electrical loads we tend to put on systems. In addition, older lighting often operates at hotter temperatures than newer models, which can in itself be problematic if the wiring is not correct.

Work with a commercial or industrial electrician to determine if the time has come for you to upgrade the wiring at your facility.

Messy electrical panels

A disorganized electrical panel can make it difficult for you to know exactly where to cut power when problems arise. You need to know exactly which breakers or fuses control which parts of your building. If the panel is poorly labeled or disorganized, you could waste precious time in an emergency situation trying to decipher the system.

These are just a few examples of some of the most common electrical problems that occur in commercial and industrial buildings. For more information about how working with a commercial electrician can benefit you, reach out to Box Electric Company today to arrange a consultation.