Why Do Hair Dryers Always Seem to Blow a Fuse?

Blow drying your hair is a fast and easy way to get ready in the morning. But if you’re one of the many people who deals with electrical shortages from a hair dryer in Raleigh, NC, you probably don’t feel the same way!

Blowing a fuse when you’re getting ready is probably one of the worst ways to start out the day. Continue reading to learn why your hair dryer blows a fuse and what you can do to prevent it:

  • Circuit overload: An overloaded circuit means there are too many appliances running on a single circuit simultaneously, and it’s the primary cause of a breaker trip. You can prevent this from happening by unplugging some appliances or switching them to a different circuit.
  • Short circuit: When a hot wire touches a neutral wire in your outlet, a short circuit will occur. To prevent a fire or electrical disaster, the circuit breaker will automatically shut off when a short circuit happens. You’ll know you caused a short circuit because there will be a burning smell near the outlet.
  • High hair dryer wattage: The electrical shortages from a hair dryer in Raleigh, NC could be due to your new hair dryer. Today’s hair dryers can use up to 15 amps of power. If your circuit isn’t built to handle that many amps, you’ll blow a fuse as soon as you turn it on.
  • Old home wiring: While a high-powered hair dryer could cause problems in a newer home, it will almost certainly cause one in an older house. If your house was built before the 1990s, your entire wiring system is likely outdated and can’t handle newer appliances.

What can I do?

The good news is that solving the mystery of why hair dryers blow a fuse so easily in Raleigh, NC doesn’t require a detective. You should never blow a fuse again if you follow these steps:

  • Purchase a new hair dryer: The easiest way to solve this problem is to invest in a new hair dryer! Check the wattage level of your current device and purchase one that requires less power.
  • Unplug devices: If your bathroom vanity is covered in different corded appliances, there’s a good chance that your circuit is overloaded. Unplug all other devices while doing your hair to avoid blowing a fuse.
  • Update your wiring: Hiring an electrician to rewire your home isn’t the cheapest option, but it’ll certainly prevent blown fuses! Rewiring will also reduce the chance of house fires, so it’s a good idea for anyone living in an older house.

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