Six Trends in Commercial Lighting for 2022

What’s next for commercial lighting? LEDs? Smart fixtures? Robot lamps? Will we need lighting, or will we be conducting business in a virtual world?

We’re probably not to that point yet, but lighting solutions are becoming more and more innovative. Our experts have taken a look at current developments, and we see the following commercial lighting trends in store for next year.

LEDs are here to stay

You can expect the demand for LEDs to continue to accelerate. They have become the standard for new commercial lighting installations. Their energy efficiency and longevity have made LEDs the go-to light sources for commercial settings. They also offer versatility, flexibility in design and dimming capabilities.

Automated lighting controls will expand

Automated commercial lighting offers several advantages. It provides energy savings, creates a safer work environment and assists with building code compliance. Automated commercial lighting allows building owners to supply appropriate light while eliminating wasted energy on lighting areas during times of low or no occupancy. Once automated commercial lighting is installed, property owners can enjoy effective lighting 24/7 without further effort or concern.

Natural light will be in high demand

Natural lighting seems to promote overall health and well-being. With many people working outside an office setting during the pandemic, they won’t want to return to a sterile, unnatural office. They will want windows, skylights or other sources of natural-type light. Commercial lighting will need to be designed to enhance employee wellness by providing more of these types of light sources.

Outdoor illumination will grow

Outdoor commercial lighting adds to the safety and security of a property. Since safety and liability are top concerns for property owners, outdoor illumination will continue to grow in popularity and demand. Lighting for parking lots, stairwells and entrances are musts. Bright, reliable lighting in these areas reduces the risk of accidents and crime.

Low-voltage lighting is the new trend

Low-voltage commercial lighting offers a safer option for property owners. It reduces the risk of shock and is safe to use for areas that may be exposed to moisture. Plus, it delivers a longer lifespan and offers great versatility. Fixtures can be smaller, so they can fit into areas that would otherwise be difficult to illuminate.

Commercial lighting will get smarter

The technology available for commercial lighting continues to grow. Now building owners can set up a smart lighting system that allows system managers to control every bulb on the property from one hub or mobile device. The system can also allow certain fixtures to be controlled by tenants. This can help save energy, increase security and create a more inviting setting for building occupants. As more property owners learn of the advantages available with smart lighting solutions, the demand for these options will grow.

Stay on trend

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