New Trends in Commercial Lighting

No matter what kind of business you own, lighting is important. Whether you want to create a certain mood for customers and clients or you need to ensure that your employees can safely do their jobs, it’s helpful to pay attention to new lighting trends.

Upgrading your commercial lighting can empower you to set the right tone for any event, promotion or environment. Here are some of the most popular commercial lighting trends this year:

  • Low-voltage infrastructure: Depending on when your commercial building was built, your wiring may not be able to support the electrical demands from today’s technology and lighting. That’s why low-voltage infrastructure is appealing to many business owners. There are some lighting solutions that only require a single Category 6 (Cat 6) network cable rather than a variety of different voltages. While it’s always a smart idea to upgrade your electrical wiring, low-voltage lighting can solve a lot of problems in the interim.
  • A push for LED lighting: LED lighting has made it possible to fully illuminate your surroundings, all while saving some cash. LED stands for light-emitting diodes, and these innovative bulbs are versatile and suitable for nearly every lighting application. Compared to incandescent bulbs, they are cheaper to operate and emit far less heat, making them safer to use. Consider switching your commercial lighting system to LED lights, if you haven’t already.
  • Outdoor lighting schemes: As you may already know, outdoor illumination is just as important as keeping the lights on indoors. Not only is it a smart security measure, but it can attract customers and set the mood before they even walk in the building. Creative outdoor lighting design allows you to use a variety of lights, colors and shadows to fit with your brand identity.
  • Complete control over lighting: These days, commercial business owners want lighting that they can easily control. LEDs make it possible for you to switch between scenes at the push of a button, whether that’s on a physical panel, tablet or phone. You can customize your lighting to suit your exact needs, whether that’s mood lighting for restaurants or flattering lighting for dressing rooms, salons and makeup counters. You’re not limited to white light, either—LEDs can change color, so you’ll always get the exact lighting scheme you need.
  • Lighting for health and well-being: Finally, more commercial owners are turning toward light to boost our health and overall well-being. This commercial lighting trend uses special lights and control programs to subtly adjust the light temperature and brightness throughout the day. This better suits our circadian rhythms. Paying attention to the lighting in this way makes it possible to stay alert at work and sleep better at night.

There are plenty of commercial lighting options to choose from. Between LEDs, low-voltage infrastructure and a variety of light-control programs available, you should be able to achieve the exact commercial lighting trends you love.

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