A Complete Guide to the Phases of MEP Redesign

There’s a lot that goes into planning and designing a commercial or industrial building. As technology advances, sometimes it becomes necessary to overhaul a building’s MEP design. MEP stands for “mechanical, electrical and plumbing.” All of these systems need to work together efficiently in order for the building to function. That’s why it’s important to work with planners or contractors who are familiar with MEP concepts. Here’s a complete guide to MEP plan redesigns in Raleigh, NC.

What is MEP redesign?

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are like the different systems in the human body: when well planned and cared for, they work together to keep everything running. Here are some of the subsystems each category may contain:

  • Mechanical: This branch includes HVAC systems, dust collection units, kitchen or laboratory exhaust, smoke control, fire suppression, fuel and fluid storage and distribution, humidification and dehumidification and more. Depending on the type of building you own, you may use some or all of these systems.
  • Electric: This typically covers lighting (indoor, outdoor, specialty, site lighting and more) as well as any mechanical systems that require electricity. Contractors will plan the electrical system so there’s a service entrance, backup power and other fail safes. The electrical system may also include wiring the building for communication systems, including intercoms and voice/data equipment.
  • Plumbing: Finally, plumbing includes systems to distribute water and handle storm runoff, as well as specialized lines, like sanitary water, gases and other solutions you might see in medical or research facilities. When meeting with your MEP contractors, it’s important that you let them know where your current system is lacking as well as what you need.

Phases of MEP redesign

Depending on the kind of building you own, you might need MEP plan redesigns for tenant improvement in Raleigh, NC. As you might expect, it’s easier to build a thoughtful and efficient system from scratch, but MEP consultants can help you redesign your existing building:

  • Design survey: The first phase includes a design survey, which reviews the existing systems in your building. Your contractors will take note of how the building is currently functioning, and do their best to find any trouble spots before they begin the installation process.
  • Redesign planning: Next, your contractors will work with owners and stakeholders to create a redesign plan. The idea is to keep disruptions as minimal as possible, especially if your building is a residential complex. Together, you’ll review the plans to find out how they address the issues.
  • Installation: Finally, it’s time for installation. Your contractors will work to address HVAC, plumbing and electrical issues in the least inconvenient manner possible. In some cases, that means creating temporary subsystems, or phasing the construction so no one is without a functioning home or workspace for very long.

If you need to rewire your building to code, the team at Box Electric Company can help. Call us today to learn more about our MEP plan redesign services in Raleigh, NC. We can help you get your building up to today’s standards as efficiently as possible.