Leadership as Practice: What It Looks Like

There’s a multitude of skills required for aspiring electricians seeking employment in their chosen profession. Of course, there’s the in-depth understanding of electrical systems and components, along with the ability to diagnose issues and then repair them. But more electrical companies offering electrician careers in Raleigh, NC require the drive to take on leadership tasks even when you’re not a manager or team leader.

The L-A-P method

As detailed in the 2016 book Leadership-as-Practice: Theory and Application, this movement emphasizes that everyone within an organization should learn and exhibit leadership skills. This is especially important for those interested in electrician careers in Raleigh, NC. Many consider problem-solving among the essential leadership skills that managers, business owners or project leads must exhibit on the job. The L-A-P theory asserts that everyone within an organization should practice these imperative skills.

Furthermore, this theory posits that leadership occurs throughout the day-to-day tasks. An entry-level employee may demonstrate leadership skills while working on an assignment because the situation requires them takes the lead and directs others to get the task done.

Applying the L-A-P method

Rather than training individuals, the L-A-P method asks enterprises to shift from leader development to leadership development. Everyone in the organization learns the best leadership practices, instead of just upper-level management. To implement an L-A-P approach within a business, everyone must participate in leadership training that applies this methodology to the lessons.

The L-A-P methodology nurtures collaboration and openness in work environments. This gives voices to people who usually don’t have the opportunity to share their ideas or concerns because they feel it’s inappropriate for someone at their level. When everyone is empowered to take on leadership roles, employees learn to respect dissent when they disagree or run with a suggestion for improvement.

L-A-P as an electrician

In many instances, an electrician works on a job alone. When you’re in the field, you have to rely on yourself and take charge to ascertain the cause of a problem and then repair it. It’s almost as though you’re the leader of a team of one.

Within the L-A-P framework, it’s up to employees, regardless of their level or title, to take the initiative when an individual feels they have to knowledge to do so. Maybe several of your peers struggle to find the right solution for a particular client, but your experience taught you exactly how to handle the current situation. It’s up to you to speak up and show them how’s it done.

Becoming an electrical contractor

The reported average base salary for an electrical contractor is $81,833 per year. For people fascinated by electrical systems and who love to work with their hands, becoming an electrician provides you with an opportunity to challenge your mind while pursuing something that interests you.

At Box Electric Company, we offer electrician careers in Raleigh, NC to those individuals with the necessary education, experience and training, as well as those willing to embrace leadership skills. To learn more about working as an electrical contractor with our company, contact us now.