Do LED Lights Really Pay for Themselves?

Have you been wondering if LED lights can reduce your energy costs at your business in Raleigh, NC? In nearly every case, the answer is “yes!” Lighting is one of the biggest expenses in terms of energy consumption at small businesses, accounting for nearly 40 percent of energy consumption on average. Here’s what you need to know about how LED lights really pay for themselves.

What’s involved in upgrading a commercial lighting system?

The first step in discovering how LED lights really pay for themselves at your Raleigh, NC business is learning what’s involved in upgrading your space. Since all commercial spaces are unique, choose a system that allows you to integrate new lighting features that have a positive impact on customer and employee experience at your property. Improving your interior lighting is a great start, but it’s often more effective to replace parking lot lighting and other outdoor lighting features, since they usually consume greater amounts of energy.

How long does it take LED bulbs to pay for themselves?

It generally takes about one year for LED bulbs to pay for themselves in terms of electricity bill savings. If you have fixtures with high brightness at your Raleigh, NC commercial space, including parking lot lights and any lighted signs, switching over to LED bulbs provides even more savings.

In addition to saving you money on your electricity bills, LED bulbs also last much longer than traditional bulbs. Incandescent bulbs have a lifespan of only 1,500 running hours, while LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours. It’s a huge difference that has an impact on the overall bottom line of your business.

LED fixtures and bulbs offer additional functionality for lighting

LED fixtures also pay for themselves in surprising ways—they offer plenty of interesting upgraded features when compared to fixtures that use old-fashioned fluorescent or halogen bulbs. When you integrate “smart” fixtures into your overall lighting strategy, you’ll be able to take advantage of the following features:

  • Dimming: Set the mood for any space with dimming features that can be controlled by computer or smartphone. This is especially helpful in spaces like hotels, restaurants and bars, where atmosphere and vibe are an essential component of overall customer experience.
  • Changing colors and color temperatures: Color plays a massive role in setting the tone for any commercial space. Smart technology allows you to adjust the color of LED bulbs to fit a particular mood, or even to add warmth during changing seasons.
  • Scheduled on/off times: Another way to reduce energy costs at your business is to automate the times when your lights turn on and off. You’ll never have to worry about a distracted employee leaving all the lights blazing when the space isn’t in use.
  • Motion sensors: Motion detection is especially helpful for outdoor lighting.

Your Raleigh, NC business can benefit from the adoption of modern LED lighting strategies—these lights really do pay for themselves over time. You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint and lessen your overall impact on the environment. Contact Box Electric Company to learn more about how easy it is to outfit your business with modern, energy-efficient LED fixtures.