Top Four Commercial Lighting Design Tips

Interested in making your commercial property in Raleigh, NC more attractive for your customers? A quality commercial lighting design strategy gives any commercial property a boost in curb appeal, and it shows customers you care about their safety if they’re stopping by your property after dark. Read on to learn about how to make a great impression on new and existing customers alike by upgrading the exterior lighting at your business.

Light for safety

When a commercial building isn’t well lit, it doesn’t inspire customers to stop and shop after dark. One of the most basic commercial lighting design tips for your property in Raleigh, NC is to always keep safety in mind. There must be plenty of light in all areas where customers or employees can walk, drive or park. If you’re lighting large areas like parking lots and walkways, use high-intensity security and flood lighting. As an alternative to floodlights, install strategically located pole mounted lights.

Always keep navigation in mind as you light a commercial property. Use bollard lights to illuminate paths and walkways around your business—they’re sturdy and visible, showing guests the easiest route to the entryway of your business. Also, consider installing step lights if you have any stairs on your property. Always think about the guest experience and use lighting to make it easier for customers to navigate all areas of your property.

Choose “green” options

The lighting industry has come a long way in recent years, in large part thanks to energy-efficient LED bulbs. These bulbs emit a brighter light while consuming much less energy than standard bulbs. Whenever you’re installing new lighting fixtures at your commercial property, be sure to invest in green options. They’ll pay for themselves in the form of reduced energy costs, and they’ll also light the areas around your business more effectively.

Light the landscape

If you have any landscaping on your commercial property, show it off at night with landscape lighting. Use an uplighting strategy to bathe exterior walls and low-growing plants with light. Downlighting techniques are great for illuminating landscapes in a unique way—place spotlights in trees or beneath the eaves of the building for interesting visual effects. You can also add interest and warmth by paying close attention to the temperature of your lighting—use warm white bulbs instead of pure white to create a warm glow, helping your commercial property look much more inviting.

Light your signage

You should consider signage as your best option for “free” advertising. You want new and existing customers alike to be aware of your business and the products or services you provide. Be sure your signage is well-lit at all times of the day, even when you’re not open. Direct spotlights toward the sign or invest in lightbox, backlit or front-lit signs.

Commercial lighting design plays a huge role in the overall customer experience at your Raleigh, NC business. A few strategic updates can make all the difference in giving your commercial property a more welcoming, attractive look. Contact Box Electric Company today to learn how you can give your business lasting curb appeal with efficient, high-quality exterior lighting.