Dexter Gleason

Favorite Aspect of Job: Teamwork- I like knowing that together we can do anything. It’s amazing what a small group of determined people can accomplish. ( I think that’s a quote.)

My History with Box: I have been with Box Electric for five years. I got my position here because of my 23 year history in sales and customer service. I have a natural talent for understanding how things work so the assembly and distribution of electrical systems came easy to me. I know that quality and honesty go a long way with people and I am committed to always approaching any situation with those two things in mind. I took an estimating class in Phoenix after I had a few years of field experience and have since moved to my current position as an estimator.

Personal: I love to spend time with my family, more than anything. It’s with them that I really get to enjoy the little things. I’m also a motor head. I build motors and drag race. VVRROOOM!