Welcome to Box Electric Company

Box Electric Company was started by Steven and Bernice Bryson in 1994 and was incorporated in Raleigh, North Carolina, in September 1998. The initial operations started with Steven as the main electrician and estimator, with Robert Goettge as his assistant and Bernice as the administrative manager. Aziz and Bob Crowe joined the Company in 1997. From this very humble beginning, Box has grown to become a major player in the construction industry.

Box Electric has been able to grow based on its core value of fostering key relationships, which Box Electric has emphasized over the years, having been tested and proven along the way in the good times and the not so good times. The Company’s relationship management philosophy applies not only to customers, but also to employees and vendors. The results of a relationship/competitive price relationship show in the great loyalty that employees, customers and vendors have with Box Electric.

Box Electric Company is dedicated to providing a wide range of commercial and industrial electrical services. The company offers 16 years experience, with projects ranging from heavy industrial, municipalities, commercial buildings, dentist offices, medical offices and small businesses with an excellent track record of customer satisfaction.